Expand your business with Google organic search and Google advertisement to reach more people who searching for your product / services online.

Complete and flexible Google SEO services from keywords research to implementation

Take advantages of internet to get more exposure when a prospect client find your services on search engine. This is how you find us; searching freelance web designer on Google.

website audit and seo

Web Audit
We perform a complete audit of your website for the onsite (keywords, meta tags), offsite and technical SEO.

keyword research and implementation

Keywords Research
We analyze your competitor website and propose from low, medium to high competitive keywords.

optimize landing pages

Content Strategy
Expand your website by adding more on-site content through blog and targeted landing pages.

Google Advertisement / Pay Per Click Campaign

Google Adwords is an advertising system where you bid your website on certain keywords in Google search results. The cost is determined by the competitiveness of keywords, bids and quality score.

keyword research and implementation

Keywords Research
We analyze and suggest the best related keywords negative keywords and understanding the search terms to maximize leads.

optimize conversion

Extensions = More Information
Highlight specific aspects of your products and services, including the brands, models, types, styles and more. You can also add a call extension.

maximize google ads performance

Optimize Pages & Conversion
Apart of the multiple ad copies and setting configuration, we guide our client the right direction and execute the highly converting landing pages.

Full Analysis and Reporting

For every marketing project, we do integrate Google Analytics and Webmasters into client website. With the available data, we are able to analyze and report the effectiveness of our Google services monthly.

website google analytics
objective and maintenance

Objective and Maintenance

Every Google advertisement has different goals and objective. We will review and determine what areas can be improved to invest wisely and grow profitable.

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